A Rainy day isn’t always a bad thing

I often get asked what it is like on a Narrowboat in bad weather.  Now my stock answer is ‘What is it like in a House in bad weather?’  Bad weather is all down to perspective.

When it rains, I don’t just see it as a day when I can’t go outside without a coat or umbrella.  I see it as beautiful patterns on the water.  The sound of rain on the roof and the hiss of raindrops falling into the Marina.  As the continued musical dripping of water after the rain has stopped.
I don’t see a windy day as a bad thing.  I see it as a day when I get gently rocked to sleep by the hand of Nature.
I don’t see a frosty morning as a bad thing.  I see the wonderful patterns on the windows and the joyous warmth of the wood stove  heating our home.
I don’t see fog as a problem.  It is something that dulls the ambient sounds all around and immerses you in total peace.
I don’t see Snow as a bad thing.  I see a stunning blanket covering all the ugliness of a dirty winter, making spectacular shapes to stoke the imagination.

Bad weather is all in your perspective.

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