An evening by the river

The riverside path

The riverside path

Tonight was so beautiful after a cloudy day we decided to go for a walk.  Instead of walking around the lake we went along the river.

Sun over the riverThe water was incredibly still and the sunshine reflections were stunning.  We certainly needed our sunglasses to reduce the glare.

This is a lovely popular place for walking and is used by walkers, runners and cyclists.  On occasion the odd Quad Bike is also seem along the river path which is actually a bit annoying as they are very loud.




The saddest thing about the river path is that there is a ridiculous amount of rubbish left around.  I simply can’t understand why people can’t take their trash home and put it in the bin so the rest of us don’t have to see it.  I had thought that with the river festival this weekend the park rangers would have been along to do a trash walk but there is still a lot of debris laying around.  Next time I go out I am taking a rubbish bag with me and will remove it myself.  This area is our garden and to see it destroyed by lazy humans is really annoying.

Other than the trash it is the most relaxing way to end a sunny afternoon, to wander along the river with a cold drink and enjoy the sights and sounds.

The bugs skimming over the water, the birds swimming lazily  through the water weed, the singing of the birds in the trees, seeing them darting around before going to roost.  The well placed benches that invite you to sit down and talk to a companion.

All these things can’t be bought but are worth their weight in summer gold.

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