Christmas on a Widebeam

When we lived in a house, I had tons of Christmas Decorations and used to spend a whole day putting them up each year.  Coming to a boat I had to do some serious whittleing and just bring a few pieces.  It’s not so much about the bling but about brightening up mid-winter and adding some cheer to those long winter nights.

I also love lights outside, so approaching the boat has a festive feel to it.

So, we have 2, 100 foot sets of Solar lights outside, which circuit the whole boat.  These are brilliant and means that I don’t have to turn them on and off each day.

Christmas Lights 2014667

Inside we don’t really have sufficient room for a tree, so I have used a couple of pine garlands piled up on a cabinet with lights and decorations which I think does equally well.

Christmas Tree?Finally I simply took advantage of the fact that we no longer have wallpaper to worry about and taped bells to the walls, also hung glass baubals on the light strings that I hung along the ceiling.

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Simple but effective in my mind and it adds some festive cheer to the end of the year.


  1. jan evans says:

    How restricted are you getting about the cut and the locks in a widebeam ? We hope to be looking for a boat this time next year ;just bringing the house up to good decorative order for selling and doing car boots to de clutter ,we have so much stuff ! We would love a widebeam but don’t know if our budget will be big enough [40-50000] ?

    • Hamish says:

      Hi there are quite a few parts of the network that widebeams cannot use, but whole areas where they fit in really well.

      if you planning on travelling a lot a narrow is always best but as liveaboards who wanted space we limited on travel but great on space

      there is a map on that gives a good idea

      with work commitments and family in the area we choose the river greate ouse which has one lock at 10ft this dictated our max width on purchase, with our widebeam we can travel the whole of the river great ouse most of the middle levels and onto the nene.

      there is a block for us at foxton so we would have to get craned and trucked over if we wanted to go on the grand union which we may in the future do if work changes for us.

      hope this helps, you can get us on facebook chat if you have any more questions

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