Don’t forget what’s on your doorstep!

As we all rush through our lives, splitting our time between work, Chores, friends and family it is really easy to forget to stop and look around.

We have lived in Bedford for over 3 months now until yesterday we had never found the time to take a proper walk around Priory Country Park.  I don’t mean just around the lake which we have done a couple of times, but properly round the natural area called ‘Finger Lakes’.

As soon as you step off the paved track around the big lake you are under the tree canopy and into the wild.  Yes it can be a little boggy and in places Wellington boots would have been a much better choice than Plimsolls however the pay off is a wild natural beauty that is so easy to miss by following the easy path.

First of all you see the natural boggy edges of the shallow lakes where the Duck weed accumulates and the hoof prints in the mud from the local Deer.  Then you start to notice the variety of greens that surround you and the startling colours of the spring flowers.

All of a sudden you walk out of the trees into the light to find a lovely cleared area where you can look over one of the lakes where yellow Irises border the water.  A couple of well placed benches make an ideal spot to stop and just look at your surroundings.

When you carry on you come to a hide looking out over the most peaceful stretch of water, again bordered by trees, reeds and flowers.  The information on the hide says there are Otters and Kingfishers there amongst other things but we weren’t lucky enough to see them this time, though I think this may become one of our favourite places over the coming months.

Eventually you reach the end of the Finger lakes but you still have a choice,  Take the paved path around the rest of the big lake or the grass trail along the river.  Unless it has been exceptionally wet I would heartily recommend the second.  Again you are walking a more natural path that isn’t too busy and meanders with the river back to Priory Marina.

Finally there is the walk along the path (there is n escaping this one) beside the historic Priory wall.  A grey stone wall that is literally covered with plants growing from it’s ancient lime mortar and holes where birds and bees nest.

This gallery is just a few of the photographs we took.  I suspect that there will be plenty more over the coming months to share with you.

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