How to fit a 3 bedroom house into a Canal boat

Ok, so the decision is made.  We’re moving to a Canal boat!  Now comes the fun part.

We have to clear our 3 bed house and end up with only the things we will need on the boat.  When you have lived in a place for 13 years you accumulate stuff.  Some of it was dear to us, some of it not so much.  Either way we had some hard decisions to make.

First of all we started on e-bay.  Anything that we though would sell was listed and over the course of a month we shifted a lot of stuff.  In fact this was stuff that we weren’t using, and didn’t really need.  Thankfully most of our buyers were decent people that came on time and quickly, though we did have a few missed collections and people changing their mind.  It seems that people forget e-bay is an auction site, and once you win the item you have to pay, not change your mind and expect good feedback.

Anyway a lot of computer time later we had a clearer house and a couple of grand in our pockets.  All from stuff we didn’t really need.  It’s very liberating, I would recommend that you give it a go.  Even if you are not moving.  Get rid of the stuff that is taking over your life and give yourself space to breath!

Clearing stuff from the house that we will not need on the boat

Clearing stuff from the house that we will not need on the boat

Next it was time to pack.  Sorting the things that were important, from the nice to haves and the really don’t need’s took some time and negotiation but after a while we got there.  As we were selling the house at the same time we had to also keep it tidy, so hired a storage locker to stash it in.

At this point I have to say it is vital you shop around for storage.  We found out too late that Safestore charge astronomical rates for insurance.  This seemed weird to us, as their whole business model is dependant on their storage being secure, however what they charge for insurance of a 10x10m room was dearer than the buildings AND content insurance for the house!  And it was compulsory too so really should have been included in the price in my mind rather than being quoted as an extra.

Anyway, over the next few weeks we cleared our belongings, gave away what we could to friends,, neighbours and family and slowly emptied the house.  Even though this was a little stressful in it’s self, it was also liberating.  Seeing all the possessions we accumulated but didn’t need or use melt away, leaving the practical, important and essential behind.

Apart from a few clothes to see us over until we moved on board, everything was in storage and we were finally free.

I’ll tell you in a future post how we got on fitting the remainder of our possessions into the boat.

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