Maintenance – Paintwork

It won’t come as a surprise but on a boat there is a hell of a lot of paintwork.  Part of your maintenance routine should include looking after this paint. Keeping it clean will help to prolong the life of your paint and with repainting costing such a large amount of money making what you have last as long as possible is essential.

Painting your narrowboat can cost upwards of £110 per foot which is rather a lot of cash.

To preserve our paint I like to use both a polish and a harder top coat. After a little trial and error I have settled on Mer as the best product for the job.


This polish is fantastic.  It not only shines but also helps to restore the colour and build up a tough shell.

“MER ‘The Ultimate Polish’ cleans, shines and protects, with MER’s ‘Auto ShineTechnologie’ conditioning agents nourishing and restoring dull paintwork, removing micro-scratches and swirls. It’s also the final step in preparing paintwork for Wax application.”





Once the polish is applied I use this top coat to give a mirror finish and protective coating


“MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ is an advanced performance polymer wax with MER’s ‘Auto Shine Technologie’ to combine an effortless ultra fast application with a silky, deep gloss finish. Locking in a durable protective coating which lasts for up to four months, MER ‘Deep Gloss Finishing Wax’ is water resistant and repels common contaminants to keep your paintwork in excellent condition.”





As you can see from this photograph these products work really well.  On the left is paintwork that I have not yet polished and on the right is two coats of the ultimate polish and one of the finishing wax.


I find that the best cloths to use are the Microfiber ones that have recently started popping up in all the shops.  I don’t buy expensive ones as at the end of the day they are just a way to apply polish.  So long as they don’t leave bits of fluff everywhere they do the job.  It took about 4 hours to do the bow and one side of our boat, thats about 50 feet of paintwork.  Now I have aching arms and hands but as you can see in the next photograph it was worth it.  Now I have to do the stern and the other side.

Finished side

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