Our first Snow day

We moved started our Widebeam life in December 2014 at the start of one of the mildest winters on record.  This meant that we didn’t see any snow.  Now that wouldn’t be a problem for most people but both my Husband and I love a drop of the White stuff.  So this year we were actually looking forward to conditions being right for a little snow.  On February 3rd we finally got our wish come true.  Around 9pm it started snowing heavily and within a very short period there was a couple of inches laying on the ground.  After watching the lamp posts (A snow lovers winter passtime) for a while we decided to go out for a walk.

The night was obviously cold but as there was no wind it was not a chilly as it has been of late.  The snow was coming down thickly which helped to muffle the sound of the busy town.

Walking toward the marina office we saw a Fox coming over the wall, though as soon as it saw us it scarpered along the river bank pretty sharpish.

Snow covers oll the grim of Winter and brings a magical stillness to the world.  It brings out the child in us all, even those that dislike the snow can’t help but be caught up in that feeling of excitement when looking out and seeing the heavy flakes falling in the lamp light even if it is fleeting.

As it is quite late in the Winter the next day was relatively mild and by the time I got home from work in the early evening the snow was gone.  The only evidence that it had been there at all was a dying snowman built by the Marina staff near the office.


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