Riverbank Gardening

We are lucky to have a stretch of riverbank at our mooring where I can create a little garden.  It’s not really suitable for typical suburban plants so I have planted wild flowers.  With the cool wet spring everything took a while to get going but now we have a beautiful view of flowers when we open our hatch.  It took a lot of digging and weeding to get the bank free of bramble and nettles and in fact I have only managed to get about 20 feet done this year.  Over the autumn and winter though I can finish the next 30 feet and so next summer we will have a huge bank of flowers to look at.

Something to be careful of when gardening a riverbank is not to destabilise the bank as it will be washed away at high water over the winter.  To help prevent this I have planted a few willow twigs which are sprouting happily and their roots will keep the bank in place.  So that these don’t take over they will be kept trimmed into a short hedge.

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