Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean

It’s never my favorite task but this weekend I have been Spring Cleaning.  Now that sounds exciting doesn’t it. NOT!

Actually it’s quite an important task on a boat as a winters worth of dust, soot and cooking grease builds up on your boaty home.

Washing down woodwork with a decent degreaser is a must.  Especially in the Galley area the wood builds up a thin coating of grease that is released into the air whilst you are cooking.  This will not only discolour your wood but will also collect dust which in turn makes it dark.  Once the wood is cleaned then give it a good coat of wax to replenish it and bring out the natural beauty.

Curtains are also another place where dirt accumulates.  We have pale curtains so we also have stains on them where the condensation gets on them through the winter.  Thankfully I managed to get them washed, dried and rehung in one day which is always a bonus.

Now that’s as far as I got this weekend, so next week I have the pleasure of detail cleaning the floor.  Dust accumulates at the edges which is difficult to mop clean so a good scrub is in order.

It may not be the most exciting job in the world but when it is all done the boat looks beautiful and then we will be ready for a Summer of fun and relaxing in the sunshine.

This is not the sort of thing that you see in all the newspapaer articles that seem to be popping up these days about the benefits of living on a boat.  Some of the comments people make on these make us laugh, especially those saying that boats are too cramped or cold to live on.  I think that some of these journalists have never been on a boat or talk to people that aren’t perhaps best suited to living on the water.  Boating is different to living in a brick box, and isn’t really that much less expensive but the quality of life is so much better, even when you are washing down woodwork.

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