Spring Flowers at Priory Marina

Wild Rose

One of the things that I thought I might miss from the house was my garden.  Whilst I didn’t  grow that much I loved the flowers, especially Lilies and roses.

What I have actually found is that the wild flowers all around Priory park are equally asWater Iris from above beautiful and the pallet is constantly changing with the season.

There are so many colours and varieties around, from water plants such as this Yellow Iris on the banks to stunning yellow dandelion like flowers growing out of the old Priory wall.

I have sown some wild flower seeds around and about to compliment those already here but no matter what the weather there is always something beautiful to see. I am looking forward to a summer of new flowers around Priory Marina and along the banks of the river Great Ouse when we go out and about on our Widebeam.

The historic priory wall has a lot of biodiversity

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