Stuck in Great Barford

How glad are we that we moved to the upstream side of Great Barford lock the morning after our late arrival.

Once again the wettest winter in living memory struck with it’s now customary ferocity.  Yes, it rained again!  For a couple of days! And the river levels rose again, this time for just the 3 weeks!  The third picture here is where we originally moored up.  Thankfully we had already moved by the time it was flooded.

Over all it’s not a bad place to be stuck.  The local pub is great, the people are friendly and the sunrises over the river are amazing.

Though it stymied our plans to get to Bedford, at least we were within 3 hours travel now and that felt like we were nearly home.

We had some fun with the boat during this stay.  The alternator packed up so we had to hire a generator for power, which because we try to be considerate we ran for the bare minimum of time.  Then the Generator packed up so we were reduced to candles and the stove.  Thankfully the pub let us charge phones and tablets whilst having a couple of pints so we weren’t completely cut off.

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