The Marina’s full of weeds!

When we made it to Bedford the water was dark and cloudy and we couldn’t see life at all.

As the spring progressed the water plants started growing and the water gradually cleared.  We spent many happy hours watching the thousands of oxygen bubbles rising to the surface and floating away.

Now, the plants may look lovely and improve both the water and the air quality but they have a downside.  As the season progresses the stalks become more and more stringy.  This becomes an issue when you want to take your boat out.  the weed stalks can become wrapped around your propeller and before you know it you are elbow deep in the weed hatch pulling yards of the stuff out.

We found out today that in the next couple of weeks the weeds will be chopped down and removed.  Whilst this is good for the boaters it will be a sad day for the thousands of fish and insects that live in it.  I suspect it will also impact the water quality for a while.

So here are a few pictures to remind us that sometimes it is worth a full weed hatch to preserve the bio-diversity of the waterways.

  • Reflection of a silver sky
  • Water Buttercups
  • Blanket weed on the hull of our boat, otherwise known as Swan Food.
  • Reeds at the side of the Marina

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