Willow Fluff!

Willow fluff covering the pontoon

In the Spring each year the willow trees release their seeds.  This takes the form of white fluff.  Whilst it is amazing to watch and looks like snow falling from the trees it makes a proper mess, getting everywhere.  On a still day it builds up in massive drifts, covering the cars, pontoons and even the water.

If you pick it up you will find is incredibly soft and fluffy and when you let it go it swirls and eddies on even the slightest breeze.

This is where all the fluff comes from
The trees release their seeds for around 4 weeks and it seems that we are currently in the peak so wherever you look there it is.

Close up of Willow fluff







If I could make pillows from this I think they would be the most comfortable in the world.

Incidentally, collecting handfuls and having fluff-ball fights is incredibly funny.  Just be careful not to let any near your face or before you know it you have a mouth full.

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