Much to my Husband’s dismay, we have have had a pretty mild winter up to now.  Whilst for the snow lovers amongst us this is disappointing, it has lead to some pretty spectacular days both on the Marina and in the adjacent country park.  I have taken advantage of the mild weather to get out and about with my camera.

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Saying that there have been a few nights where the Marina has frozen over.  As we don’t have to move the boat this isn’t an issue for us, thouugh it has only been for a couple of days and therefore the ice has never been that thick.  There is something spellbinding about watching the ice form on the water.  First of all in small patches that appear out of the cold thin air, and then as the patches join up to become one solid surface.  Then when the water beneath the ice moves the sound of cracks shooting across the frozen expanse sounds like the twang of high tension wire or electricity speeding across the water.  Then as the ice melts the ice moves around in the wind creating slicks of ice moving in the breeze.

There have also been some pretty spectacular Sunset’s which are always a joy to see.


Winter, whilst not my favorite season (that’s Autumn) certainly does have it’s attractions.

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